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History of the Known World. An in-depth look at not only the history of the world but how we look at and measure it. Complete with links upon links to surf through for those players that have an appetite for flavor and world building information. For those who desire more fluff and flavor from the campaign, or just those players who are a little curious about the world their characters live in, this link is for you.

Locations. A Guide of Locations in the campaign. For now this page will look pretty barren but as we get deeper into the campaign more and more locations will be added for player convenience to remember where they’ve been and where they’re going to.

Player’s Handbook. A Page for the Players to manage the resources I hand them.

DM’s Guide.. For Dungeon Masters only. Seriously, nothing interesting here. I’m telling you, you can click the link but it’s pretty boring. Just number crunching and such. Yup. Nothing worth seeing.

Main Page

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