Population: 2,300; 450 Humans, 100 Elves, 300 Half-Elves, 400 Dwarves and Half-Dwarfs, 450 Draconic Races (Spellscales, Kobals, Dragonborn and Draconic Gnomes), 400 Pacifiscian, 150 Vainyth, 10 Halflings
Government: Self-Represented Mayoral government (though openly aligned with Gavyral).
Defense: A small joint navvy of Gavyral and Okarthel fleets as well as a citizen regulated militia of city guard.
Commerce: Harbor Guild and Fishing services; Trade Revenue; Potions, Gems and Elixirs; Fur’s, Cotton and Silk; occasional precious metals and magical items; Immigration.
Organizations: City Hall, The Harbor Guild, Gavyral Embassy, Okarthel Embassy, Pacifiscian Embassy and the Church of Saint Cuthbert.

Cliffport is a good sized city, it holds over 2,000 citizens, which is quite large for an unaffiliated city. Cliffport is an isolated location, important for those that need trade to move throughout the continent but those who immigrate in are hard pressed to get out again. In order to obtain work visa to freely move about Greater Kalleghan you must obtain them from either inside Gavyral Capital or at Cliffport, but getting a pass out of Cliffport can take decades. Life in Cliffport is bustling, but some how also very depressing. Tension between the Races are high and fear of outsiders are even higher…

City Locations

Characters in Cliffport might find themselves in one or more of the following area’s or districts.

Immigration Office.
Immigration Officer, Markus Flint
Foreigners attempting to gain passage to Cliffport and later Greater Kalleghan first need to pay their respects at the Immigration office. Initial immigration fee is 500 gp per person, all which goes towards the city. After that they are allowed to roam around just the city of Cliffport. They are warned that setting foot outside they will be considered roaming targets and won’t be allowed in the other Kalleghan cities. If they want to enter Greater Kalleghan they’ll have to work to earn an immigration pass. Immigration Passes are distributed to individuals who work for the benefit of Greater Kalleghan here in Cliffport. Supposedly it should only take 20 years or so to get one, but as the players will later hear from the other citizens, there are citizens who have been waiting for over 80 years without any sign that they’ll get one soon.

The Seaside Shoal. Cliffport Inn
Inn Owner, Harry Truebon
The most popular inn in Cliffport, but it only accepts certain cliental. Basically any monstrous, or monstrous looking, humanoid is turned away at the door. It’s an alliance run establishment run by a human male and his dwarf friends.

The Drunken Turtle. Tavern
The most popular tavern in Cliffport but it’s only for the tougher sailors or merchants. Here is where the hardened residents of cliffport let off steam. It’s run by a boisterous (and rather large, in a round way) Dragonborn named Rayl Stormborn.

The Dragon’s Horde. Items both Magical and Wondrous
A magical item shop run by a Kobald craftsman and a Spellscale Scribe. It’s not too far from the Drunken Turtle in the Dragonman District.

Sellsmile’s Sale’s. General Store and Pawn Shop
Decklin Sellsmile is a beloved figure in Cliffport, he runs the general store and is known for his charming smile. He buys and sells almost anything of value and even manages to find some rare items from across the seas. Many of the stranded immigrants speak the most highly of Decklin for his abilities to get comfort items from their home towns, and even though he is friendliest with the runners of the Seaside Shoal, but also with the other various races of Kalleghan and even the odd races from over seas.

Mayor’s Office.
Central building of governing, currently run by Mayor Derrick Surestride

The Wandering Wolf. Cliffport Inn, Beastfolk District
The only other inn in all of Cliffport, and it’s run by a pack of Wolfmen Vainyth. It’s in the most run down district in all of Cliffport, the Beastman district. A part of the city that has been left to squallier by those who run the town.


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