Four Nations

Easy Platinum, Post 7, Monday June 13th

"You Got This". ~Zok

What… does “differentiate” mean?
From the Diary of Gale Yaskween

After convincing Alber the bird-person to abandon his cowardice and woman up, my comrades and I made for Cliffport city hall to investigate the murder of the rat-person known as…Knees-yummy? I’m not sure of the pronunciation and as he had the misfortune of not dying in battle, there are no songs of his exploits to remind me. Once we got there, we were met by what certainly would’ve been a violent and bloody protest had we not intervened. This made it rather easy for Zok and Alber to gain entry to meet with Mayor Surestride. He agreed to let us investigate the murder if we were able to disperse the crowd outside, which Kal did effortlessly with a SURPRISINGLY rousing speech. At this time we met a new friend: Desma! She is quick-witted and awesome with a tongue sharper than even my finest blade! From here we arrived at the crime scene to find the alleyway covered in blood and claw marks, but also in a way that it’s obvious it was tampered with. Not obvious to me, but apparently the civilians thought so. Upon talking to some nearby children that are familiar with the rat person, we learned where he lived and went there so Neimmer could use some sort of witchcraft to track him. While still at the tavern, Desma and I learned that this isn’t the first disappearance, but that in the past it’s been rarely Vanyth that were taken and this is the MOST high profile murder. Niemmer and Kal go back to the crime scene, having gathered the information needed to perform her spell. Upon doing so, she sees the rat man’s life ending squabble and that he was dragged away into the direction of the tanning district. While Desma and I spoke to the barmaids, Zok had a heartfelt and tender talk with Alber by the looks of it. Niemmer and Kal return to inform us what they’ve learned and I made a logical and sweeping declaration to attract volunteers skilled in tracking to help investigate the tanning district for the rat man’s corpse. “There’s a lot of them! They’ll find him! Tell momma what you find!” Meanwhile Niemmer is joined by Zok while Kal leaves to join Desma and I. The team of trackers ends up being highly allergic to the number of chemicals in the district as a riot slowly erupts from their aimless searching. Which I admittedly overlooked, but when I tried to give them direction, my voice proved to not be as mighty as my fists. This isn’t what I WANTED. This isn’t what I ASKED FOR! I grew more frustrated as the rampage continued. I grab each idiot one at a time and tell him to STOP IN THE NAME OF KORD! Suddenly, the Matchstick shoots fire into the air as Niemmer erects a statue of a duck? A beaver? I have no idea, but I vaguely hear Kal invoke their God. There God is a duck beaver? …Kord would destroy it in combat…


ProphetD ProphetD

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