It's always 12:00 when you're the sun prophet.


Two warlocks, master and apprentice. Both followers of the sun as if it were a god itself. One fine sunny day they come across a lamp with a fire emblem on it and gaze at it’s beauty as a fire Genie appears before them. Granting them one wish the master wishes for the return of the sun prophet. And the genie presents them a young red skinned boy that appears to be on fire. He says ye be he and returns to the lamp as it vanishes. The master and the apprentice begin to raise the boy as their own teaching him the ways of a warlock and a follower of the sun and light itself. as the boys master dies and he and the other apprentice part ways as Kal-verr the sun prophet seeks adventure and gains the ability to call his master from the dead as a glowing ball of light to aid him in battle. He is the sun prophet. He is the light.



Four Nations ProphetD Kal_VerrTheSunProphet