Four Nations

Easy Platinum, Post 7, Monday July 18th
"Louchyan was a gentle bard, who's verse was kind and mellow. Then he bedded with the dead, now he's a somber fellow" ~Louchyan's Verse (A nursery rhyme sung by Kalleghan children)
Easy Platinum, Post 7, Monday June 13th
"You Got This". ~Zok

What… does “differentiate” mean?
From the Diary of Gale Yaskween

After convincing Alber the bird-person to abandon his cowardice and woman up, my comrades and I made for Cliffport city hall to investigate the murder of the rat-person known as…Knees-yummy? I’m not sure of the pronunciation and as he had the misfortune of not dying in battle, there are no songs of his exploits to remind me. Once we got there, we were met by what certainly would’ve been a violent and bloody protest had we not intervened. This made it rather easy for Zok and Alber to gain entry to meet with Mayor Surestride. He agreed to let us investigate the murder if we were able to disperse the crowd outside, which Kal did effortlessly with a SURPRISINGLY rousing speech. At this time we met a new friend: Desma! She is quick-witted and awesome with a tongue sharper than even my finest blade! From here we arrived at the crime scene to find the alleyway covered in blood and claw marks, but also in a way that it’s obvious it was tampered with. Not obvious to me, but apparently the civilians thought so. Upon talking to some nearby children that are familiar with the rat person, we learned where he lived and went there so Neimmer could use some sort of witchcraft to track him. While still at the tavern, Desma and I learned that this isn’t the first disappearance, but that in the past it’s been rarely Vanyth that were taken and this is the MOST high profile murder. Niemmer and Kal go back to the crime scene, having gathered the information needed to perform her spell. Upon doing so, she sees the rat man’s life ending squabble and that he was dragged away into the direction of the tanning district. While Desma and I spoke to the barmaids, Zok had a heartfelt and tender talk with Alber by the looks of it. Niemmer and Kal return to inform us what they’ve learned and I made a logical and sweeping declaration to attract volunteers skilled in tracking to help investigate the tanning district for the rat man’s corpse. “There’s a lot of them! They’ll find him! Tell momma what you find!” Meanwhile Niemmer is joined by Zok while Kal leaves to join Desma and I. The team of trackers ends up being highly allergic to the number of chemicals in the district as a riot slowly erupts from their aimless searching. Which I admittedly overlooked, but when I tried to give them direction, my voice proved to not be as mighty as my fists. This isn’t what I WANTED. This isn’t what I ASKED FOR! I grew more frustrated as the rampage continued. I grab each idiot one at a time and tell him to STOP IN THE NAME OF KORD! Suddenly, the Matchstick shoots fire into the air as Niemmer erects a statue of a duck? A beaver? I have no idea, but I vaguely hear Kal invoke their God. There God is a duck beaver? …Kord would destroy it in combat…

Easy Platinum, Post 6, Monday May 23rd

To Be Filled In….

Easy Platinum, Post 5, Monday April 25th

From the Diary of Niemmer:

We had reached Cliffport and instantly I had an ominous inkling. There was all this shady business with the gatekeeper of the harbor – having to pay for our passes in, being told we would have to work off the remainder of our debt, and most troubling of all no guarantee that we would make it to Kallagan. My voice and my doubt were silenced by the robust voices of the rest of the group. We sold our souls and entered Cliffport, no one truly seeing the potential of us never reaching Greater Kallagan.

Once in the walls it became clear to me that we were surrounded by a very different breed of society. Later we found out that there appeared to be a hierarchy of Draconic Gnomes in the town, and Zok was being affectionately referred to as Little Brother.

The idea of paying my way into servitude did not sit well with me, so I made it a personal mission to find a learning hall and read up on the history of Kallagan, and how we might be able to circumvent the system. While doing so, Gale Zok and Kal went on their way to Cellsmile Sales to speak to Decklin who Zok had been told to get in contact with.

I found very few books relating to the history of Kallagan.
“Kallagan the Bold”
“1,000 Year War”
_"Saint Gavyral" _
“Modern Three Nations”
Unfortunately I did not have time to peruse them thoroughly. Zok found me at the learning hall and did his own quick research on Okarthel.

OKARTHEL – nation of Dragons (which explains the respect bestowed on Zok) – the promise land of the only dragons that survived the 1,000 year war – Amethyst Dragons.

Once the two of us return to our other adventuring comrades, we see they are in a tiff with some brutish lackey dwarves. It appeared as though Gale and Kal were trying to defend a strange humanoid birdman. This birdman was being shunned from the hotel and Gale being the stubborn wench she is was determined to have her way and find us a room in that hotel for the night. Little did she know that Zok would have had more sway with his words than the show of her physical strength. This birdman, Albert from Avon house of Vainyth, became a valuable asset to our group. He was able to shed light on the unrest and distrust between all the different tribes of the Vainyth.

* The Maelia – hairy and warm-blooded – stick the Great Valley
* Aivan – the birdmen, residing in the outer-woods considered outlanders and outsiders, but friendly with the wild elves.
* Rhepians – landwalkers and half-landers, reminiscent of frogs. They have a Holy Priestess, a cotal Queen, Serelia – celestial with rainbow wings
* The Hive – they are what their name denotes. A hive that lives in the mountains, primarily secluding themselves from the rest of Greater Kallagan. Insectoids with an ant queen, Illithid.

King Kobaal is attempting to unit the four tribes.

My friends, be weary. Citizienship to Kallagan can take anywhere from 2 years to 80 years. Is this our fate?

NOTE: Grimthur is one of the four nations we need to focus more attention on. My notes simply list them as ‘unholy ones’.

Easy Platinum, Post 4, Monday March 21st
"Shook Knows..." Anonymous

It had been a solid week since the death of Rat Fink. Moral was getting down and mental fevers were running high.

Niemmer was dealing with it the worst, he had shown signs of ocean madness before the death of Rat-Fink. After? He spent most of his time below deck, talking to his new Rat and his Rat’s pet mouse.

Gale on the other hand, looked to be improving her mental condition. She had been showing bad signs early but the Sahuagin ambush had helped her blood flow again and Rat Finks death just lit her fire of determination anew. She now had spent less time drinking with Fenrir and more time helping about the ship, taking a particular interest in the young Cabin Boy Sed (see “”/wikis/the-maidens-mischief" class=“wiki-page-link”> the Maidens Mischief").

Zok, who had spent much of the trip below deck with Qw’erenne had now come above deck to lend more of a hand. His outward reasoning was to be more active in times of grief but secretly he wanted to scope out the ship to find a good spot to hide his etched arrows. One for his mother and one for his fallen comrade.

Young Kal-Verr was dealing with his first death of a close companion since his old master had died (and even he was reincarnated as his Wisp Companion). The Ships healer Nimora had let him cremate the body but used her delicate flames to cremate the head while leaving the skull for Kal to hold. The group had decided to not hold onto the body for a Raise Dead spell but Kal wished to keep some body part in case a cleric with Resurrection abilities could be found later.

Eventually things came to a head shorty after, and after three days of no wind the ship finally reached it’s breaking point hitting Cabin Fever. Only Gale, Zok and the First Mate Kith were unaffected (though it seemed as if the Captain Tabitha was as well but she still joined in on the madness making it unclear). After that the wind returned and with it the minds of the crew.

However things did not remain quiet for long as Tabitha was informed by her Navigator Zhal that a massive storm was incoming and they would not be able to steer past it completely. Instead they led the ship towards more open waters and did their best to ready themselves. It was a Tabitha the gang had not encountered before. Instead of her lazy care-free self she was suddenly the first awake and in command most of the day calling on all hands, including the gang’s, on deck. The storm came and it came hard, it was a difficult night of ship maintenance. Fighting against not some monster as usual, but the force of nature itself. But, as all things do, the storm passed. And by the next morning the ship returned to normal.

Because of the slight detour taken to safely defend against the storm left the crew a little behind schedule but at least it was open sea’s from here.

The crew went back to the laid back revelry they displayed earlier. Zok befriended Blue-Eye’d Pete more and found a spot to hid his arrow head. Gale continued to try and build up Sed and treat him like more of an adult and even befriended Tabitha a bit more while Niemmer began to realize that Rat Fink, the Rat, seemed to be more sentient in the presence of the Skull of Rat Fink that Kal-Verr carried around.

Eventually, at last, Kalleghan began to come into view. Though from the direction they found it it would be impossible to land, the ship still had to circle around to the other end of the continent, the end was is sight. Three major sights were seen. An eerie mist dripping off the high cliffs and what looked like a scarecrow watching over the cliffs edge. The mountain ranges that cross each other like an “X” with a gleaming city on the other side of the point where they cross. And finally and Island surrounded by whirlpools and three smaller islands not too far off of hit (and Zok was able to spy it’s guardian, a Dragon Turtle, not too far from them). Gale had one last encounter with Tabitha were she brought her up to her personal Cabin for a drink where she reveled her true intentions behind her methods raising Sed as her Cabin boy. That her elven Mother was in fact Sed’s mother making them half siblings (though Tabitha is Half-Elf and Sed is full Wood-Elf). Telling Gale the reason Sed does not know is that them being family doesn’t matter, anyone on her crew is already family. With this in mind Gale had one last encounter helping Sed with dishes before saying good-bye.

Zok also had a last encounter, with Qw’erenne, who told him that they could no longer be in contact after they dock in Kalleghan. It will not be easy to get immigration passes out but there is a man in town who can help them named Decklin Suresmile. To seek him out and then find her again in Gavyral.

and with that the ship finally arrived and the gang could depart. Back on dry land (or at least the docks for now).

Welcome to Cliffport.

Easy Platinum, Post 3, Monday February 29th
"Having Fun Yet?" ~Gale

It’s been a week since the gang boarded the ship, the Maiden’s Mischief, on their way to Kalleghan. While most were fine amusing themselves in one way or another, Kal-Verr attempting to woo the captain, Rat-fink trying to tame a galley rat and Zok… kinda just holed away (because Jacoby was absent), Niemmer and Gale were finding life on the high sea’s a little… taxing. Gale slowly became increasingly restless and Niemmer could only find amusement occasionally casting silence on Rat Finks new Rat friend every now and again.

Though the crew would work in the day and revel at night the first week at sea was very mundane.

One night things reached a tipping point. Rat-Fink attempting to woo the Captain for his young Sempai Kal, without actually informing Kal, ended up sleeping with her instead. Gale, at the tipping point of killing either herself or everything in a 10 mile radius, instead found a way to work of steam by doing some work with the ships first mate, Kith. And things looked like they were just about to get interesting.

Well be careful what you wish for as just as the crew began to find a bit of peace they were set upon by a band on Sahuagin raiders! A horde of them descended on the ship. The crew and the gang quickly leapt into action and finally each member was able to get a bit of action on the high seas.

Having just put down the amphibious adversaries Rat Fink couldn’t help but look out over his companions and smile. He began to talk of their successes and speak to each of his companions, no, his friends in turn. Talking of their strengths and advising them on how to better handle their weaknesses. Truely it was a heartfelt and inspirational moment.

Until he got deep blue sea’d.

Gale rushed in a second later, cleaving the shark with one swift slash of her axe, recovered his body and tried to bring him back to the ship. She pleaded that he hang on, his last words an attempt to get her to let him shit on his own dick (a reference to a song he had sung earlier that night). Unfortunately he passed before he could get the words out, and just before she could get him on deck. Gale would do her best in spite of everything, desperately scooping the defecation all being excrete after leaving the mortal coil onto his now rigor-ed phallus. A final wish, for an old friend. The ships healer, Nimora, confirmed that he was gone and she did not have the magic to bring him back. The gang and the crew grew silent, and began to morn… until the spirit of Rat Fink leapt out of his own body, uttered the phrase “FUCK NUT!!!” and jumped into the (now possessed) body of his new Rat friend.

it was a hell of a night.

Easy Platinum, Post 2, Monday December 7th
"Hey what? Are you gonna sniff the milk or drink it?" ~Rat Fink

Gale Yaskween newly filled in, the group debated the merits of their newly found crossroads. There were those concerned of the prospect of an isolated land from which none return. Chief among them were Gale, who found herself uneased at the idea of a so called “paradise”, and Rat Fink, who finds the idea of any change at all. In the end, despite the objections, it was voted 4-1 in favor of Kalleghan and so to Kalleghan we go.

With their path decided, and after a visit to Nevilis (Ee’lien’s Mage Guild Wizard Father and Sam Ferris’ future father in law (see Zheferhelm) to get their magic items identified (and a trip to Lawmond and Kneel’s for some Jawbreakers), Zok lead the group to Qw’erenne’s room to accept the quest. The group, understandably, had some questions about their proposed job. What is our job? Why do you need us? And what’s so great about Kalleghan? You discovered that she comes from a great Nation of Kalleghan, Gavyral (See, Locations under Kalleghan), and told you of it’s growing conflicts with it’s two sister nations, three if you count the Grimthur, though apparently most try not to. Her reasoning for your discretion is that she is here without orders, seeking help no one in Gavyral will ask for. The nation is prosperous and proud and full of opportunity, but it’s just as full of contradiction. She see’s a land of promise that could just as easily plunge itself to ruin. And so, hearing of the Land of Grayhawk and it’s Heroes, decided to travel here to bring a few back to Kalleghan. Your job would be to act as you see fit and travel between the Nations as a sort of “Wild Card”. She has plans, which she’ll fill you in on more as you approach, but mostly she wants you to act on your own accord. Kalleghan does not have “Heroes” like Grayhawk does, she’s not exactly sure how much she needs to tell you to do. Luckily for her, Kal-Verr assured her that the Sun Prophet has come for Kalleghan.

After finishing with Qw’erenne the group had until Dawn before they met her at the dock to sail off with a crew she has hired. For Rat Fink, that meant a quick drink and then straight to his Ally, he wanted to spend as much time in Zheferhelm as he could. Gale needed to head to the temple of Kord, to work off some anxieties about her upcoming travels. Niemmer joined her, because Kords temple has a spa. Zok went to write a letter to his father, to let him know he would be traveling a while, and also went out to ensure the funds he put aside would continue to be sent if he did not come back. And Kal-Verr decided to spread his faith after seeing a reassuring message in Nevilis’ bathroom, written in some sort of red ink, that read “Chosen One” (really an illusion by Rat Fink intended for Nevilis himself).

Kal went to the square and spread all the effort he could into attracting a crowd to his faith. He managed to assemble a small crowd which he would take hold of to spread the gospel of the Sun. Gale, meanwhile, was focusing on Kalleghan. The idea still unsettled her. She sought strength from her God and spent her prayers alternating between the weights and push-ups until she was sought out by a fellow priestess to work out her true prayers in the hand to hand ring. As she fought and talked with the fellow acolyte, Niemmer found himself conversing in the Temple as well as he met with a Strangers named Walker in the spa. Walker was a butcher in the city who told him of a farmer just outside of town who would always send in game far too young to really be of much sustenance, though technically within the legally required limit, it was always a bastardization of it. Niemmer took it upon himself to stop this man, though in another moment of doubt against his faith he opted to do it without violence. He left the Spa to seek Gale to make haste back to Rat Fink for his work to be done.

Inside the Dwarf and Steele, Kal had returned with his small group of listeners who were hearing him tell tales of his childhood and destiny and reassurances of the truth of the Sun. Zok had returned as well, happily listening to his young friend preach (though he would not show it) as he carved an elegant name into one of his many arrows underneath the table. Outside the Tavern, Rat Fink was having a less carefree time. His thoughts had brought him, through his dreams, back to the first night he and Fucknutt found this ally. His memories of his first awful night their and of that worse night near 15 years later as Fucknutt lie dying on the same ground he now slept, gargling the foam from that cursed expired milk, as Fucknutt attempted to chuckle out his last words “This ally… really did suck after all”. The sights and feel of that night loomed around him until he was awoken by Niemmer and Gale, who were asking for his help. As it turned out, only Niemmer needed the help to scare some poor farmer up past the North Gate. Niemmer did this often, found cruel or otherwise unmoral men and delievered them a fitting death. Rat Fink never liked it, though this time he promised no bloodshed, so Rat Fink accepted and the two went off.

Inside Zok was finishing up his arrow as Gale entered hoping for a drink. Kal would see her enter and point her out to his new found crowd, an act which made Gale wholly uncomfortable, telling the now starring crowd of their triumphs as heroes and of their recent adventure against the dreaded Red Dragon. Gale was struck still with unease as she noticed Zok make a funny gesture with his Knife and do something she’s never seen him do, give a little gnomish smile. As he did this the Dragon’s Head roared a mighty cry and the bar patrons all turned in shock to look at the head, all before bursting into laughter. All, that is, except Gale Yaskween, who’s eyes never left Zok as he casually got up, put on his cloak, and walked out of the Tavern in one swift motion, holding a single arrow all the while. An Arrow that Gale recognized all too well. She went back to the bar to finish her drink and watched him walk through the crowd unnoticed heading to the East Gate. She downed her ale, took an old coat from the rack, and followed him into the streets and Kal and his crew laughed and reveled at all the fun.

Outside the North Gate, as the Sun was setting, Rat Fink and Niemmer found the small hovel of the Farmer in question. Rat Fink found a suitable location to cast his illusion and asked Niemmer to get him out of the house and towards the shed. He saw the mans poor conditions and instead of scaring him decided to make an illusion of an angel that would comfort the man. Niemmer sent a wave of holy fire to sprout from the mans feat which blasted him back. He stood up and ran from his home into his shed where he saw the Angel’s form and watched it give him praise. He saw it, but so did Niemmer. Now enraged Niemmer went to finish the man. Rat Fink gave objections but Niemmer magically silenced him. In a desperate attempt Rat Fink used one of his few non-verbal spells to send one last illusion at Niemmer to dissuade him from taking the mans life, but to no avail. Niemmer laid a hand upon him, and life drained from the Farmers body, sending him to whatever fate he wrought in life. The walk back was rather uneasy, neither talked for most of it, but Rat Fink reminded Niemmer that he agreed the Farmer would not have been harmed, a Word that Niemmer broke, and that his fee for taking on this job at all was a favor. A favor he’s ensure would be properly repaid.

Outside the East Gate Gale was following Zok into a thick part of the forest when he suddenly stopped. Nervous and perhaps a little guilty about her intrusion she attempted to back away, but Zok would call out to her. “You’ve come all this way, why head back now?”. Firmly caught, Gale came out of the foliage and revealed herself to Zok who was relieved, if only slightly, that it was just a friend of his. Gale apologized for intruding, as by the looks this was personal, and Zok did reply coldly at first. But as Gale turned to leave Zok opened up about this woman, (her name), his mother. They shared a moment as he revealed a bit about his past he had previously kept to himself and she shared with him some unease about their upcoming adventures across the seas. In the end, Zok pulled out his arrow and found a tree worth placing it in. He drew the bow and Gale left, satisfied, and not needing to witness the act. Zok fired it off and broke the back of it, as he always does, leaving the rest firmly lodged in the tree, before heading back on his own.

Back at the Tavern Kal was having a wonderful time. By the time night fell the Taverns normal patrons were heading in for a drink and now the crowd watching him preach was quite large. Kingsley was having a riot with it, loudly boasting that even Garrick Pureblade (See, Kingsley Steele under Bio) himself couldn’t preach as well as this kid could. Gale went to her room and Zok retired to his usual, much cheeper, lodgings. Rat Fink went back to his ally for as much of it as he had left and Niemmer went to bed. Kal stayed up as late as people would listen to him, happily spreading his faith and quipping catch phrase after catch phrase until nearly the dawn.

That night Niemmer was visited in her dreams by a familiar sight. Standing in front of him telling him of his hesitation was Walker, from the Temple of Kord, who was now showing himself as Saint Cuthbert himself. He warned Niemmer that he was chosen to be the Saints swift hand of justice and to remember who he is and what he does. His true sin today was not breaking his word, though the God of Law did scold him on that front, but that he almost neglected his true calling. To send those that were sent to him to be punished. He than warned Niemmer that his new path would be harder than it has ever been before. That his presence is strong in this new land, but that does not make his mission any more vital. “Look for my hand, it will point you where you need to go”.

In the dawn the party would awake, some better off than others, and head to the Western Harbor to meet Qw’erenne and her hired crew. In the agreed location the group did indeed find a vessel, as well as a Auburn haired woman wearing a loose and worn white shirt, long brown pants and a wide mischievous smile on her face. “I hear you have some business aboard my vessel. Welcome then, to The Maidens Mischief

Easy Platinum, Post 1, Monday November 30th
"Have you ever heard of Kalleghan?"

We first glimpse our heroes in the midst of a battle with a Red Dragon. True, it was only a young one, but it put up a hell of a fight. After slaying the beast and recovering it’s stolen horde you triumphantly returned to Zheferhelm with riches beyond even what the town lost, even a few items that look magical in nature.
The crowds roared with your welcomes upon your return and you were led by way of Parade both to City Hall and to your favored Pub “The Dwarf and Steele”.

Inside you reveled until early into the Dawn. Gale drank and lept about the bar with Kingsly himself until she retired to the hills outside with Gruk in tow (like a Yaskween do).

Kal-Verr chased down the serving girls Mary and Roselyn until they had repeated “That’s nice Kal” more than their own names.

Niemmer and Zok encountered an irregular customer in the form of a pale elf named Qw’erren.

and Rat Fink played his strings and drank his poison until the spiders woke him up the next morning.

The next morning? Yes indeed, the morning hustle was interrupted by a pack of Driders and their pet, a massive Spider. The Driders went straight for the nearest elves, Ee’lien and Qw’erren while their spider jumped the groggy Rat Fink. But as the rest of the gang (minus Gale) made it down the stairs to help Rat Fink and Sam Farris deal with the Drider Pack. A few arrows and one or two Polymorphs later and the invaders were handily dealt with making the PC’s heroes twice in as many days.

Gale spent the morning napping until a comfortable 9:30 and was able to bathe in the nearby lake before being found by an excited Kal-Verr. He told her of the spider people and a squirrel and far off lands as he levitated next to her as she jogged back into town. Gale was skeptical, to say the least, but upon arriving to the Tavern and Inn to find it surrounded by the town guard she decided to ask him to start over and see if it made anymore sense.

We left off with Gale being caught up to the rest of the party, namely Zok, who after saving the foreign elf Qw’erren became privy to an offer. In exchange for a sizable wealth and their complete discretion, they were being invited to the most impenetrable questing grounds of them all. Kalleghan is in trouble.

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