Population: 25,000 Humans, 1,500 Elves and Half-Elves, 1300 Dwarves, 700 Halflings, 450 Gnomes, 350 Tieflings, 300 Dragonborn, 150 Half-Orcs, and 250 from Other Races
Government: Guild Council Republic
Defense: Large standing army of trained human soldiers, alongside a small militia of war priests bolstered by magical wards and, if needed, representatives from the various guilds and volunteer adventurers; the citizens of the city create a formidable militia.
Commerce: Adventuring Services; Guild Revenue; Potions, Oils and Elixirs; Perfume, Cotton and Silk; Well-Trained Beasts of Burden; Travel and Tourism.
Organizations: The governing council (comprised of representatives from the various districts and all recognized guilds), the Church of Pelor (primary source of the cities healer who also run the local orphanages), the Church of Heironeous (who maintain the city guard, and run the city militia) and the various guilds (including, but not limited to: The Brewers Guild, The Alchemists Guild, the Mages Guild, the Thieves Guild, The Carpentry Guild, the Merchants Guild and, most notably, The Adventurers Guild).

Zheferhelm is a massive city, the largest in all of Grayhawk. It’s the central home of most of Grayhawks Guilds and the Adventurer Capital of the World. Zheferhelm is built on the East coast of Grayhawk. It’s West Gate is built into the massive City Wall that stretches it’s boarders, while it’s East Gate is a flourishing harbor town that makes it’s name by sending off adventurers to uncharted territories, like the Southern Isles, or by ferrying passengers along the coast to other cities and port towns. Trade is good in Zheferhelm. Merchants of all kinds pass through it’s streets to sell their goods or buy hard to find supplies. Meanwhile Nobles and Emissaries of major powers or races will pass through to either pay their respects, enjoy some of the finer luxuries the city offers or even seek out high ranking adventurers for matters of great importance. The Adventurers Guild is arguably the most prominant power in Zheferhelm and while they tend to stay out of internal affairs they always make their opinions known and are generally the first to be asked for council in matters of great or trivial importance alike.

City Locations

Characters in Zheferhelm might find themselves in one or more of the following area’s or districts.

The Dwarf and Steele
A famed pub your party frequents. It is owned and operated by Kingsley Steele, a famed but retired adventurer from the Light Breaches, and Kellgor Stoughtarm, a Dwarven brewmaster and long time friend of Kingsley. Common Employee’s and Patrons include:

Tomas. Serving Help
Human male, young and underpaid but being trained in swordsmanship by Kingsley before hours. An aspiring adventurer. He may look up to the party but you all aren’t very familiar with him.

Ee’lien Oakhope. Serving Help
Elf female, young but more experienced by Tomas by about 50 years. She is only 120 which is like 21 in human terms, she is never the less an old face at the pub. She first started by working on the inn side, her family had been displaced from their home and were forced to live in human lands. Her father now works at the Mage’s Guild and her Mother now runs the Inn. Recently she has gotten engaged to a Human Adventurer, Sam Farris. She is very friendly with the party.

Sam Farris. Adventurer
Nicknamed “Fairest”, an slightly mean joke since he is slightly homely looking, Sam a good friend of your party himself. He’s taken his cruel nickname and turned it into a badge of honor. The Adventurer’s party he leads is well known for tackling problems that are big but underpaid. He’s a knight of the people and because of this his reputation as a kind, just and honorable man have led him to being called “the Fairest of them all” and thus “Fairest” moved from a cruel nickname, to a fond name that only his closest friends can call him. He’s the ranger and leader of “Ravens Wing”, alongside his compatriots, Gruk a boisterous Half-Orc Barbarian, Dusk Darkhorn the devilishly dashing Tiefling Bard, and Fe’run Oakhope an elf Druid, and Ee’Liens brother by blood.

Veria Oakhope. Inn keeper
Veria Oakhope is the husband of Nevilis En’evium and runs the Inn for Kingsley and Kellgor at the Dwarf and Hammer, Tavern and Inn. She’s pretty much the whole inn side. She manages the help on the inn side, which is mostly full of young human girls but she is very kind and warm. A Wood Elf in human lands she has found a quiet (even when noisy) peace managing the frightened lambs who are forced to work at the inn. Elves, as parents, are not as instinctively “maternal” especially since children are raised by their village as much if not more than they are their families (which are usually comprised of many spanning aunts, uncles, cousins and kin), but Veria took to maternity well and enjoys having her kids close to her, especially since they are what’s left of her previous home. She attends the celebration in and out. She tries to be called for the big moments but she still has to manage the Inn and still doesn’t want to leave it to just the staff.

Nevilis En’evium. Guild Mage, Patron
Nevilis is the husband to Veria and a High Elf Wizard currently working for the Mage’s Guild.

Rurrick Ironborn. Blacksmith, Patron
Rurrick Ironborn is a regular at the Dwarf and Steele. He is the towns blacksmith and one of the few other Dwarves in the city at all. He’s an old dwarf, been in business since Kingsly and Kellgor’s day and his shop has made and sold arms and armor to adventurers for decades. In fact, many of the weapons you use were made by Rurrick himself.

Mary and Roselyn. Serving Girls
Mary and Roselyn are two very busy serving girls. They are very friendly with the PC’s, since they are regulars
Lawmond and Kneel’s
Candy Store


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