The Maidens Mischief


Large Ship

A ship hired by Qw’erenne to bring Easy Platinum to Kalleghan.

The Maiden’s Mischief is and adventure and trade ship. They sail for various locations on the far sea’s to seek adventure, give passage or seek out beasts both monstrous and mythical. Currently they are the PC’s ship to Cliffport, the sole open port on all of Khalleghan. They’ve taken the job on a small fee since passage to Kalleghan is incredibly difficult to get and trade from it is highly required. They are seeking to have an active dock to and fro Kalleghan to make a quick monopoly on Kalleghan resources. A small fee could make them a large fortune.

Tabitha Seawell. Captain
Tabitha Seawell is the Captain of the Maidens Mischief. A tall with aubern hair, usually seen with her chest thrust out and a wide grin on her face that just advertises trouble. She’s worked her whole life for a ship of her own and now that she has one she let’s everyone know it, referring to it as “My Ship” as often as she can. She’s often seen sporting her signature outfit, a simple white men’s undershirt that hangs loose on her shoulders and long brown pants that have been patched up one too many times. She doesn’t like to change it often, a habit from years on the sea, and scoffs at any attempt to get her to do otherwise. She is headstrong, outgoing and carefree often finding simple pleasure in the journey itself and leaving the logistics to her First Mate Kith.

Kith’ga Saltstone Sirkali. First Mate
Kith’ga “Kith” Saltstone is a rare sight on the waters. Goliaths are stone mountain men who keep to their tribes and roam the high cliffs, they don’t usually go off on their own by choice much less join an ocean voyage. But young Kith’ga of the Thunkali tribe often viewed the sea’s with envy. Eventually he was given blessings by his tribe elders to go off and seek the coast to satiate his desire. When he got there he met a young Tabitha Seawell, working for her father’s Fishing Company, saving to buy a vessel of her own. The two formed a friendship over their mutual love of the sea and when Tabitha finally saved enough to buy a vessel of her own, Kith was her very first crew mate. Tabitha is the only one to still refer to him as “Kith” these day. With Tabitha as lax as she is Kith runs the ships day to day. He keeps the crew busy and makes sure the day’s work gets done and since his Clan’s name starts with a Sir, “Sir” has become his ships name aboard the Mischief. He’s a stalwart, reliable fellow, usually dressed in practical cloths for the day but always made of leather or fur even when not suitable.

Blue-Eye Pete. Crow’s Eye
Pete is the lookout of the Crow’s Nest. An excitable and wild fellow only matched by the ships captain. When Pete isn’t in his nest he’s swinging about the sails from rope to rope, rarely ever gliding down to the ships floor except to impress land dwelling humans who often seem to look surprised to see a creature like him fall like a leaf in the wind.

Zhal Bronzescale. Navigator
A bright colored Dragonborn wearing a long white robe, Zhal is the ships navigator. She deciphers the stars and steers their coarse, occasionally calling the very winds to help push their vessel. Zhal is quick and eager but doesn’t move without purpose. When given a task she seems to tackle it like she’s trying to finish as quickly as possible, and in her downtime she sits peacefully, scribbling notes or drawing charts and maps.

Ignus Brune. Helmsman
Ignus is a rather large bull headed humanoid who is often seen at the helm guiding the ship. Ignus sought out the sea, like many minotaur, to seek something far away from the fearly eyes of the landdwellers that see him as little but a spawn of the demon king Baphomet (one of the Demon Lords who invaded in the Third Age). Because of this, Ignus is a stoic man who doesn’t talk to passengers unless prodded to. He is quite fond of the twins though, and during downtime can usually be found playing with them.

Nimora Ygnameth. Healer
Nimora is another exotic sight on this strange ship. The Aventi are human descendants who fled the land during the Third Age to seek shelter in the waters. Their kingdom of Aventus was once grand but it was felled by the outsiders all the same. These days the Aventi still inhabit deep waters of the worlds many seas, often holding themselves with pride above those that dwell on land. Nimora is not much different. Unlike the other shipmates Nimora wears metal armor and carries a large sword. She often speaks of the Aventi people and their faith in the God of the Sea: Aventernus. She is arrogant and haughty, especially to those that know nothing of the sea, but she is also quick to help those in need and can be very kind. Her first reason to walk above the sea’s at all was to spread Aventernus’ message to the 7 great waters and though her methods leave much to be desired, her heart is in the right place.

Fenrir Woodhart. Shipwright
Seacliff Dwarf
Not many Dwarven races would be caught dead on the open water, away from any caves or caverns or earth of anykind. The one exception being a rare breed from the north west called the Seacliffs. Seacliff Dwarves live on open water and often venture out on the ocean. Fenrir is grumpy and prone to complaining but he loves the ocean and it’s surprises. His skin is tan and his beard is blue though he, himself, is bald. He’s always shirtless but wears pants that only hit his own stubby knee’s, some homemade sandles, a belt of tools, and what can only be described as a large golf bag of spare timber around his shoulders like a quiver. His job is to keep the ship patched up. A job that, to him, never ends and thus begins his ever going cycle of grief. During his downtime he’ll grab anyone who will listen and rant to them until their ears bleed about the terrible mistreatment of his ship (To which Tabitha will almost always call out “My Ship!” if she’s in ear shot). Tabitha is his favorite person to complain to. He loves to say that he’s bought so much wood to repair the ship in various places that it’s more his parts than her’s at this point.

Sara and Terra Shellfellow. Ship Hands
The Twins, Sara and Terra Shellfellow, are hired help for the Maiden’s Mischief, brought on when the crew started to ferry more passengers and carry larger cargo’s to farther lands. Lightfooted sisters who took to life on the sea at a very early age. They’re both virtually inseperable and spend their time moving about the ship, doing odd jobs and pestering whoever is near, though their favorites are Pete (when they’re on deck), Sed (when they’re in the Hold), and Ignus (when they’re on the bridge). They love pestering new passengers equally as much and are the first to help new comers try and get their sea legs.

Arthur Crowley. Archaeologist
Arthur is a human sage and archaeologist, who first fired Tabitha to bring him on an expedition to the Storm Isles. After the quest, however, he found himself attached to the crew and once they finished dropping off spoils at Zheferhelm port, they did a few more voyages back again. Now the Storm Isles are one of the crews favorite sailing spots and Arthur has become an invaluable member when is comes to “adventuring”.

Shooki!alui. Ships Cook
Shooki!alui (the ! is a dolphin sound) is the cook of the Maiden’s Mischief. The Darfellan are a rare breed since they were originally a peaceful folk until the Sanguine slaughtered them to near extinction. Now they are fighters by force and Shooki!alui himself has sworn blood vengeance on any Sanguine he see’s. “Once we were the hunted, no longer” is a favored saying of the Darfellan and Shooki!alui is no different. When he see’s a Sanguine he fly’s into an uncontrollable rage. When he is not on deck he is usually found in the galley cooking up something very exotic that he will claim is “Good food. Real food. You will like”.

Sednivus “Sed” Lightbreeze. Cabin Boy
Wood Elf
Sed is a young child, well for an elf, he’s about 80 years old which is about the maturity equivalent of a 13 year old human. He’s a frustrated child, he doesn’t quite know why he’s on this ship but doesn’t have much of a choice. He is without other family and Tabitha was the one to take him in. He’s given the most grunt work so he’s always the most eager to get some “real action” or any kind of respect.

The Maidens Mischief

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