A smaller but sizable country to the northeast. Founded by Kalleghan the Bold during the second age it was hailed as a “land of endless fortunes” and trade from the continent was highly valued, most of the worlds Electrum came from Kalleghan. As does a good amount of Adamantium. But, during the Fourth Age, as Grayhawk fought with itself, so did Kalleghan. Only after the age ended Kalleghan did not re-open it’s doors. To this day, despite pleading from many influential noble’s of all sorts, Kalleghan has yet to open it’s gates. Trade still trickles out occasionally, usually through illegal channels. And a few have attempted to immigrate but they usually end up returning 50+ years later, defeated, having never made it past the gate or they never return at all. Occasionally they are known to send ambassadors to Grayhawk or Kara-Tur.


Gavyral. The largest of four major nations in Kalleghan, the home of many of the most common humanoid races like Elves, Humans and Dwarves. Also the home of Qw’erenne. Their capital city sits atop the Convergeese Mountains.

Okarthel Not the second largest, but certainly the second most renowned nation besides Gavyral. Okarthel is the “Home of Dragons” filled with the remaining Draconic Races that survived the Thousand Year War. Their home is the Trinity Isles (commonly referred to as the “Trilands”).

The Vainyth The second largest “nation” in population, possibly even the largest as a proper census of the Vainyth tribes has never been done. The Vainyth are considered the “third nation” but they are currently a collection of separate, unaligned, tribes. Vainyth are beast-folk of several varieties that dwell in the Deep Woods.

Grimthur. Another nation in Kalleghan that the other three seem to try an ignore. Their citizens are referred to as “Grims”, and the dwell across the Great Wastes.

Unallined Cities

Cliffport. The only harbor town with entry into Kalleghan. Though it is inhabited by all the races of Kalleghan it is primarily run by the combined efforts of Gavyral and Okarthel.


The largest landmass in the world, the center of activity in the material plane. Inhabited since far back in the Zero Age and molded through magic, adventure and cataclysms for almost 3,000 years. It’s three major cities are Mythrielle, City of Magic, Wrightharbor, Fortress of Justice, and Zheferhelm, the Golden Apple. Home of our PC’s.


Zheferhelm. The Adventuring Capital of the World, starting city for the PC’s. A city built on guilds, trade, and free lance opportunity. It’s ideal location of being both on a hill and a harbor make it a common sight for travelers in Grayhawk. It’s also the largest harbor on the west coast. Those brave or greedy enough to seek travel to the Storm Isles first set’s port in Zheferhelm. Commonly called, the Golden Apple.

Wrightharbor. The capital of law and order in Grayhawk. Home of the Court of the Pantheon as well as the largest navy and land army in all of Grayhawk. It also harbors the largest port on east Grayhawk. If you looking to head to Kara-Tur, you usually head through Wrightharbor.

Mythrielle. The center of arts and magic in Grayhawk. Located near the frozen north of Grayhawk lies this city of Magic and Study where those looking to build, learn, test, inquire or otherwise try their hand at craftsmenship or arcane discovery or even simple self expression head to the city of the Lord of All Magic.


The second largest landmass on the material plane, Kara-Tur is a land to the south east of Grayhawk. A land of strange customs and stranger creatures. Populate mostly by humans and odd animal-folk. There is less of a guild system there and more of a system of rigid nations that each play for power in their own way. The swordsmiths there are suppose to be legendary.

The Storm Isles

A cluster of islands to the west of Grayhawk, each island more odd than the last. It is said that the waters near their are always storming and the inner seas are so treacherous that those that come out of them refer to the outer edge as “paradise”. However, the rewards given to the bravest sailors that have plundered them are so infamous they have led to the rise of fall of no fewer than eight pirate kings. The bold and brave that have ventured into the treacherous inner sea’s and returned safely with new fortunes have a different nickname for this cluster, “The Treasure Isles”.


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