A Pale Elf of an unspecific subrace (Moon Elf?), a friendly stranger seeking help


Qw’erenne is a pale looking foreign elf from Kalleghan. She met the PC’s shortly after their victory over the Young Dragon outside Zheferhelm.


Niemmer first encountered Qw’erren as she cornered her in the Dwarf and Steel to preach/lecture her about the current state of theology.

Zok encountered her next when she offered him a drink after watching Gale go off with Gruk. They briefly conversed and Qw’erren revealed she was in town seeking help with a problem, but could not say what.

The Next morning, patrons who rose early were attacked by a pack of Driders with a massive pet spider. Qw’erren was among the injured but was saved by Zok’s arrow. This instilled confidence enough in Qw’erren to reveal her origins, an ambassador hailing from Kalleghan seeking discrete adventurers looking for access to the remote continent/country.


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