Kingsley Steele

A stout middle age human


Human Fighter


Kingsly Steele is a retired adventurer, and a fairly renowned one at that. In his day he pilfered plenty of tombs as the hired blade of Heironeous’s high cleric Garrick Pureblade. This was back in their days as “the Light Breaches”, a famed adventurers group comprised of Kingsley “Righteous” Steele, the Fighter. Garrick “the Pureblade” Bensson, Cleric of Heironeous. Helena “Littlefoot”, the Mother of Rogues. And Archimedes Ae’ali, the Archmage. He talks about his old adventures often and still has his famed Greatsword hung above the bar. He often takes it down and swings it around bellowing about his great feats during any celebration where he’s had too much to drink. He has been a fatherly figure for many current adventuring parties and yours is no different. You found your first quest at Kingsly’s and when the Dragon raided the city and all the big names were fighting over who would get the chance to take it down, Kingsly gave his vote of faith to you over all the other “brand” names. This is the gig that puts you all on the map. You’re regulars in his pub and always stay at his inn when you’re in town, which is often since this is where all the good quests can come in.

Kingsley Steele

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