Kellgor Stoughtarm

Bartender and Brewmaster


Longtime friend and Buisness partner of Kingsley Steele.


Kellgor isn’t just the Bartender of the Pub, but a co-founder, retired adventurer and the most successful dealer of alcohol in all of the Human lands, even starting the Brewers Guild. A Dwarf pilgrim in his youth who was somewhat forced into a life of adventuring. A common fate of many non-human races who ventured out of their normal lands back in the day. He hated human cities, especially their alcohol, and often gripped about it to many of his old adventurer companions. One such companion, was Kingsley Steele. Kingsley and Kellgor were members of the same party when both were very young in their career. Kingsley’s father was a Brewers son himself and still liked to brew his Families Ale for friends, and he and Kellgor would often argue over which race had the better brews. Though they eventually joined separate parties the two would remain close friends and often keep in touch by leave letters in the adventurers guild or just running into each other on quests or back in the city. Eventually Kingsley and his Crew slew the Lich High Blasphemer of Hextor and made enough cash to retire and Kingsley approached Kellgor with an offer. He had developed a taste for Dwarven Stout from his time in the Dwarven lands and conceded to Kellgor on who has the better brew and told him of his intention to make a Tavern and Inn and that he was going to attempt to brew his own “stout” and that he’d like a Dwarven tongue to help judge it’s worth. Kellgor agreed and the two opened the Tavern together. As it turns out Kellgor grew quite fond of brewing and took to it quickly. By this point he runs the entire bar and basement leaving Kingsley in charge of the Management, Kitchen and Inn (which he delegates a lot).

Kellgor Stoughtarm

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