Gale Yaskween

An unstoppable force of rage and beauty


Gale Yaskween is the daughter of Bor (of Damaran and Rashemi descent) and Mara (of Damaran and Chondathan descent) who live among the Damaran people in the northwest of Faerûn. At birth Gale was born at a startling 12 lbs, causing a strain that nearly killed her mother during childbirth. Growing up, given that the Damarans are typically of average height and build, Gale was teased regularly for her large stature, a trait she likely gained from different aspects of her parents lineage (the height from her talk, slender mother and her muscular build from her stout father). Over the years Gale started doing everything she could to make herself stand out less (slumping her shoulders while standing or walking, remaining quiet and sometimes only eating a small meal or nothing in a day). By the time she reached 17 years of age, the improper care she gave her body had taken its toll and she fell ill, her body not having the the nutrients or energy to sustain her and her own deep-seeded depression preventing her from doing much about it. Bor and Mara, fearing for her life, took her to a nearby temple of Kord in hopes that prayer to the God of strength could help Gale gain back her own. She was taken by the servants of Kord who helped not only to pray for her, but also helped to feed her and give her the physical therapy she needed to start recovering, while her mother and father staying nearby in the town just outside the temple.
Among Kord’s apostles she found she was actually on the smaller side, comparatively. During these weeks, Gale discovered a sense of belonging she had never felt before. The people around her respected her, challenged her and inspired her to be more than she had been. This respect was hard-earned and the obstacles were many. After a short time, her parents could no longer ignore their jobs and responsibilities back in their home city, Gale opted to stay behind and continue training with the apostles of Kord until the beginning of her next year of schooling began. By that time, Gale no longer slumped or seemed as frail as when she was first taken to the temple. Gale now stood straight at 6’6" height and weighed in at a solid 250 pounds. Upon returning to her final year of schooling, she was no longer met with open ridicule, but instead with stunned silence and hushed whispers. Occasionally someone would burst out into a chuckle at a silent joke as she walked past, but quickly ceased when she would glare back over her shoulder. Gale was no longer teased as openly as before, but it was obvious the mockery of her peers was quickly turning to fear. However, not all feared her. Many others who had been bullied themselves now looked at Gale with a silent admiration over her newfound confidence and ability to walk the halls unscathed. A group of some of the stronger Damarans, led by an athletic human named Glar, had let their initial fear grow into disdain and then hatred. This same group had been one of Gale’s chief tormentors over the years and was less than impressed with her new swagger and self-confidence. This hatred came to a head when a new student arrived: a handsome, muscular young man called Drok. Though he was a few years younger than both Glar and Gale, he was instantly admired by the student body for his warm personality and friendly charm as well as his obvious strength. When approached by Glar and his crew, who hoped to befriend him, he was kind and equally impressed with their apparent strength and suggested a contest to be held at the end of the first week as a way for them to build camaraderie and impress their peers, an opportunity Glar was more than happy to agree with. At that moment however, Drok became immediately distracted looking over Glar’s wide shoulder. His jaw set and a small grin escaped his expression, prompting Glar to look back and see Gale striding behind him. As she passed by, ignoring the group entirely, Drok politely excused himself and thanked the group for meeting him, saying he was off to acquire some more competitors. Glar watched fuming as he walked off and approached Gale.

“I couldn’t help but notice you look far more formidable than the other females here” Drok said he approached Gale. She stopped cold in her tracks, her fists clenched.
“I don’t mean it as an insult. I mean to say, I’m fairly impressed. I was hoping to invite you to a game just outside of town at the end of the week, a test of strength really. I believe you would really give some of the others a real run for their coin.”
Gail’s fists relaxed as confusion set in. Was he serious? This is not the sort of invitation to be extended to her. No invitation was really. No one outside of the temple of Kord had ever spoken to her so kindly. Upon turning around and looking at Drok, she felt instantly at ease and her confusion seemed to melt away. There was something familiar about him, something safe. Glar continued to glare from distance as he watched Gail display a rare smile and shake hands with her new friend.
“These games might be just the opportunity to show the new kid who here is worthy of his respect. It’s about time to show them all.”

Gale Yaskween

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