Four Nations

Easy Platinum, Post 5, Monday April 25th


From the Diary of Niemmer:

We had reached Cliffport and instantly I had an ominous inkling. There was all this shady business with the gatekeeper of the harbor – having to pay for our passes in, being told we would have to work off the remainder of our debt, and most troubling of all no guarantee that we would make it to Kallagan. My voice and my doubt were silenced by the robust voices of the rest of the group. We sold our souls and entered Cliffport, no one truly seeing the potential of us never reaching Greater Kallagan.

Once in the walls it became clear to me that we were surrounded by a very different breed of society. Later we found out that there appeared to be a hierarchy of Draconic Gnomes in the town, and Zok was being affectionately referred to as Little Brother.

The idea of paying my way into servitude did not sit well with me, so I made it a personal mission to find a learning hall and read up on the history of Kallagan, and how we might be able to circumvent the system. While doing so, Gale Zok and Kal went on their way to Cellsmile Sales to speak to Decklin who Zok had been told to get in contact with.

I found very few books relating to the history of Kallagan.
“Kallagan the Bold”
“1,000 Year War”
_"Saint Gavyral" _
“Modern Three Nations”
Unfortunately I did not have time to peruse them thoroughly. Zok found me at the learning hall and did his own quick research on Okarthel.

OKARTHEL – nation of Dragons (which explains the respect bestowed on Zok) – the promise land of the only dragons that survived the 1,000 year war – Amethyst Dragons.

Once the two of us return to our other adventuring comrades, we see they are in a tiff with some brutish lackey dwarves. It appeared as though Gale and Kal were trying to defend a strange humanoid birdman. This birdman was being shunned from the hotel and Gale being the stubborn wench she is was determined to have her way and find us a room in that hotel for the night. Little did she know that Zok would have had more sway with his words than the show of her physical strength. This birdman, Albert from Avon house of Vainyth, became a valuable asset to our group. He was able to shed light on the unrest and distrust between all the different tribes of the Vainyth.

* The Maelia – hairy and warm-blooded – stick the Great Valley
* Aivan – the birdmen, residing in the outer-woods considered outlanders and outsiders, but friendly with the wild elves.
* Rhepians – landwalkers and half-landers, reminiscent of frogs. They have a Holy Priestess, a cotal Queen, Serelia – celestial with rainbow wings
* The Hive – they are what their name denotes. A hive that lives in the mountains, primarily secluding themselves from the rest of Greater Kallagan. Insectoids with an ant queen, Illithid.

King Kobaal is attempting to unit the four tribes.

My friends, be weary. Citizienship to Kallagan can take anywhere from 2 years to 80 years. Is this our fate?

NOTE: Grimthur is one of the four nations we need to focus more attention on. My notes simply list them as ‘unholy ones’.


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