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Easy Platinum, Post 4, Monday March 21st

"Shook Knows..." Anonymous

It had been a solid week since the death of Rat Fink. Moral was getting down and mental fevers were running high.

Niemmer was dealing with it the worst, he had shown signs of ocean madness before the death of Rat-Fink. After? He spent most of his time below deck, talking to his new Rat and his Rat’s pet mouse.

Gale on the other hand, looked to be improving her mental condition. She had been showing bad signs early but the Sahuagin ambush had helped her blood flow again and Rat Finks death just lit her fire of determination anew. She now had spent less time drinking with Fenrir and more time helping about the ship, taking a particular interest in the young Cabin Boy Sed (see “”/wikis/the-maidens-mischief" class=“wiki-page-link”> the Maidens Mischief").

Zok, who had spent much of the trip below deck with Qw’erenne had now come above deck to lend more of a hand. His outward reasoning was to be more active in times of grief but secretly he wanted to scope out the ship to find a good spot to hide his etched arrows. One for his mother and one for his fallen comrade.

Young Kal-Verr was dealing with his first death of a close companion since his old master had died (and even he was reincarnated as his Wisp Companion). The Ships healer Nimora had let him cremate the body but used her delicate flames to cremate the head while leaving the skull for Kal to hold. The group had decided to not hold onto the body for a Raise Dead spell but Kal wished to keep some body part in case a cleric with Resurrection abilities could be found later.

Eventually things came to a head shorty after, and after three days of no wind the ship finally reached it’s breaking point hitting Cabin Fever. Only Gale, Zok and the First Mate Kith were unaffected (though it seemed as if the Captain Tabitha was as well but she still joined in on the madness making it unclear). After that the wind returned and with it the minds of the crew.

However things did not remain quiet for long as Tabitha was informed by her Navigator Zhal that a massive storm was incoming and they would not be able to steer past it completely. Instead they led the ship towards more open waters and did their best to ready themselves. It was a Tabitha the gang had not encountered before. Instead of her lazy care-free self she was suddenly the first awake and in command most of the day calling on all hands, including the gang’s, on deck. The storm came and it came hard, it was a difficult night of ship maintenance. Fighting against not some monster as usual, but the force of nature itself. But, as all things do, the storm passed. And by the next morning the ship returned to normal.

Because of the slight detour taken to safely defend against the storm left the crew a little behind schedule but at least it was open sea’s from here.

The crew went back to the laid back revelry they displayed earlier. Zok befriended Blue-Eye’d Pete more and found a spot to hid his arrow head. Gale continued to try and build up Sed and treat him like more of an adult and even befriended Tabitha a bit more while Niemmer began to realize that Rat Fink, the Rat, seemed to be more sentient in the presence of the Skull of Rat Fink that Kal-Verr carried around.

Eventually, at last, Kalleghan began to come into view. Though from the direction they found it it would be impossible to land, the ship still had to circle around to the other end of the continent, the end was is sight. Three major sights were seen. An eerie mist dripping off the high cliffs and what looked like a scarecrow watching over the cliffs edge. The mountain ranges that cross each other like an “X” with a gleaming city on the other side of the point where they cross. And finally and Island surrounded by whirlpools and three smaller islands not too far off of hit (and Zok was able to spy it’s guardian, a Dragon Turtle, not too far from them). Gale had one last encounter with Tabitha were she brought her up to her personal Cabin for a drink where she reveled her true intentions behind her methods raising Sed as her Cabin boy. That her elven Mother was in fact Sed’s mother making them half siblings (though Tabitha is Half-Elf and Sed is full Wood-Elf). Telling Gale the reason Sed does not know is that them being family doesn’t matter, anyone on her crew is already family. With this in mind Gale had one last encounter helping Sed with dishes before saying good-bye.

Zok also had a last encounter, with Qw’erenne, who told him that they could no longer be in contact after they dock in Kalleghan. It will not be easy to get immigration passes out but there is a man in town who can help them named Decklin Suresmile. To seek him out and then find her again in Gavyral.

and with that the ship finally arrived and the gang could depart. Back on dry land (or at least the docks for now).

Welcome to Cliffport.


ProphetD ProphetD

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