Four Nations

Easy Platinum, Post 3, Monday February 29th

"Having Fun Yet?" ~Gale

It’s been a week since the gang boarded the ship, the Maiden’s Mischief, on their way to Kalleghan. While most were fine amusing themselves in one way or another, Kal-Verr attempting to woo the captain, Rat-fink trying to tame a galley rat and Zok… kinda just holed away (because Jacoby was absent), Niemmer and Gale were finding life on the high sea’s a little… taxing. Gale slowly became increasingly restless and Niemmer could only find amusement occasionally casting silence on Rat Finks new Rat friend every now and again.

Though the crew would work in the day and revel at night the first week at sea was very mundane.

One night things reached a tipping point. Rat-Fink attempting to woo the Captain for his young Sempai Kal, without actually informing Kal, ended up sleeping with her instead. Gale, at the tipping point of killing either herself or everything in a 10 mile radius, instead found a way to work of steam by doing some work with the ships first mate, Kith. And things looked like they were just about to get interesting.

Well be careful what you wish for as just as the crew began to find a bit of peace they were set upon by a band on Sahuagin raiders! A horde of them descended on the ship. The crew and the gang quickly leapt into action and finally each member was able to get a bit of action on the high seas.

Having just put down the amphibious adversaries Rat Fink couldn’t help but look out over his companions and smile. He began to talk of their successes and speak to each of his companions, no, his friends in turn. Talking of their strengths and advising them on how to better handle their weaknesses. Truely it was a heartfelt and inspirational moment.

Until he got deep blue sea’d.

Gale rushed in a second later, cleaving the shark with one swift slash of her axe, recovered his body and tried to bring him back to the ship. She pleaded that he hang on, his last words an attempt to get her to let him shit on his own dick (a reference to a song he had sung earlier that night). Unfortunately he passed before he could get the words out, and just before she could get him on deck. Gale would do her best in spite of everything, desperately scooping the defecation all being excrete after leaving the mortal coil onto his now rigor-ed phallus. A final wish, for an old friend. The ships healer, Nimora, confirmed that he was gone and she did not have the magic to bring him back. The gang and the crew grew silent, and began to morn… until the spirit of Rat Fink leapt out of his own body, uttered the phrase “FUCK NUT!!!” and jumped into the (now possessed) body of his new Rat friend.

it was a hell of a night.


ProphetD ProphetD

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