Four Nations

Easy Platinum, Post 2, Monday December 7th

"Hey what? Are you gonna sniff the milk or drink it?" ~Rat Fink

Gale Yaskween newly filled in, the group debated the merits of their newly found crossroads. There were those concerned of the prospect of an isolated land from which none return. Chief among them were Gale, who found herself uneased at the idea of a so called “paradise”, and Rat Fink, who finds the idea of any change at all. In the end, despite the objections, it was voted 4-1 in favor of Kalleghan and so to Kalleghan we go.

With their path decided, and after a visit to Nevilis (Ee’lien’s Mage Guild Wizard Father and Sam Ferris’ future father in law (see Zheferhelm) to get their magic items identified (and a trip to Lawmond and Kneel’s for some Jawbreakers), Zok lead the group to Qw’erenne’s room to accept the quest. The group, understandably, had some questions about their proposed job. What is our job? Why do you need us? And what’s so great about Kalleghan? You discovered that she comes from a great Nation of Kalleghan, Gavyral (See, Locations under Kalleghan), and told you of it’s growing conflicts with it’s two sister nations, three if you count the Grimthur, though apparently most try not to. Her reasoning for your discretion is that she is here without orders, seeking help no one in Gavyral will ask for. The nation is prosperous and proud and full of opportunity, but it’s just as full of contradiction. She see’s a land of promise that could just as easily plunge itself to ruin. And so, hearing of the Land of Grayhawk and it’s Heroes, decided to travel here to bring a few back to Kalleghan. Your job would be to act as you see fit and travel between the Nations as a sort of “Wild Card”. She has plans, which she’ll fill you in on more as you approach, but mostly she wants you to act on your own accord. Kalleghan does not have “Heroes” like Grayhawk does, she’s not exactly sure how much she needs to tell you to do. Luckily for her, Kal-Verr assured her that the Sun Prophet has come for Kalleghan.

After finishing with Qw’erenne the group had until Dawn before they met her at the dock to sail off with a crew she has hired. For Rat Fink, that meant a quick drink and then straight to his Ally, he wanted to spend as much time in Zheferhelm as he could. Gale needed to head to the temple of Kord, to work off some anxieties about her upcoming travels. Niemmer joined her, because Kords temple has a spa. Zok went to write a letter to his father, to let him know he would be traveling a while, and also went out to ensure the funds he put aside would continue to be sent if he did not come back. And Kal-Verr decided to spread his faith after seeing a reassuring message in Nevilis’ bathroom, written in some sort of red ink, that read “Chosen One” (really an illusion by Rat Fink intended for Nevilis himself).

Kal went to the square and spread all the effort he could into attracting a crowd to his faith. He managed to assemble a small crowd which he would take hold of to spread the gospel of the Sun. Gale, meanwhile, was focusing on Kalleghan. The idea still unsettled her. She sought strength from her God and spent her prayers alternating between the weights and push-ups until she was sought out by a fellow priestess to work out her true prayers in the hand to hand ring. As she fought and talked with the fellow acolyte, Niemmer found himself conversing in the Temple as well as he met with a Strangers named Walker in the spa. Walker was a butcher in the city who told him of a farmer just outside of town who would always send in game far too young to really be of much sustenance, though technically within the legally required limit, it was always a bastardization of it. Niemmer took it upon himself to stop this man, though in another moment of doubt against his faith he opted to do it without violence. He left the Spa to seek Gale to make haste back to Rat Fink for his work to be done.

Inside the Dwarf and Steele, Kal had returned with his small group of listeners who were hearing him tell tales of his childhood and destiny and reassurances of the truth of the Sun. Zok had returned as well, happily listening to his young friend preach (though he would not show it) as he carved an elegant name into one of his many arrows underneath the table. Outside the Tavern, Rat Fink was having a less carefree time. His thoughts had brought him, through his dreams, back to the first night he and Fucknutt found this ally. His memories of his first awful night their and of that worse night near 15 years later as Fucknutt lie dying on the same ground he now slept, gargling the foam from that cursed expired milk, as Fucknutt attempted to chuckle out his last words “This ally… really did suck after all”. The sights and feel of that night loomed around him until he was awoken by Niemmer and Gale, who were asking for his help. As it turned out, only Niemmer needed the help to scare some poor farmer up past the North Gate. Niemmer did this often, found cruel or otherwise unmoral men and delievered them a fitting death. Rat Fink never liked it, though this time he promised no bloodshed, so Rat Fink accepted and the two went off.

Inside Zok was finishing up his arrow as Gale entered hoping for a drink. Kal would see her enter and point her out to his new found crowd, an act which made Gale wholly uncomfortable, telling the now starring crowd of their triumphs as heroes and of their recent adventure against the dreaded Red Dragon. Gale was struck still with unease as she noticed Zok make a funny gesture with his Knife and do something she’s never seen him do, give a little gnomish smile. As he did this the Dragon’s Head roared a mighty cry and the bar patrons all turned in shock to look at the head, all before bursting into laughter. All, that is, except Gale Yaskween, who’s eyes never left Zok as he casually got up, put on his cloak, and walked out of the Tavern in one swift motion, holding a single arrow all the while. An Arrow that Gale recognized all too well. She went back to the bar to finish her drink and watched him walk through the crowd unnoticed heading to the East Gate. She downed her ale, took an old coat from the rack, and followed him into the streets and Kal and his crew laughed and reveled at all the fun.

Outside the North Gate, as the Sun was setting, Rat Fink and Niemmer found the small hovel of the Farmer in question. Rat Fink found a suitable location to cast his illusion and asked Niemmer to get him out of the house and towards the shed. He saw the mans poor conditions and instead of scaring him decided to make an illusion of an angel that would comfort the man. Niemmer sent a wave of holy fire to sprout from the mans feat which blasted him back. He stood up and ran from his home into his shed where he saw the Angel’s form and watched it give him praise. He saw it, but so did Niemmer. Now enraged Niemmer went to finish the man. Rat Fink gave objections but Niemmer magically silenced him. In a desperate attempt Rat Fink used one of his few non-verbal spells to send one last illusion at Niemmer to dissuade him from taking the mans life, but to no avail. Niemmer laid a hand upon him, and life drained from the Farmers body, sending him to whatever fate he wrought in life. The walk back was rather uneasy, neither talked for most of it, but Rat Fink reminded Niemmer that he agreed the Farmer would not have been harmed, a Word that Niemmer broke, and that his fee for taking on this job at all was a favor. A favor he’s ensure would be properly repaid.

Outside the East Gate Gale was following Zok into a thick part of the forest when he suddenly stopped. Nervous and perhaps a little guilty about her intrusion she attempted to back away, but Zok would call out to her. “You’ve come all this way, why head back now?”. Firmly caught, Gale came out of the foliage and revealed herself to Zok who was relieved, if only slightly, that it was just a friend of his. Gale apologized for intruding, as by the looks this was personal, and Zok did reply coldly at first. But as Gale turned to leave Zok opened up about this woman, (her name), his mother. They shared a moment as he revealed a bit about his past he had previously kept to himself and she shared with him some unease about their upcoming adventures across the seas. In the end, Zok pulled out his arrow and found a tree worth placing it in. He drew the bow and Gale left, satisfied, and not needing to witness the act. Zok fired it off and broke the back of it, as he always does, leaving the rest firmly lodged in the tree, before heading back on his own.

Back at the Tavern Kal was having a wonderful time. By the time night fell the Taverns normal patrons were heading in for a drink and now the crowd watching him preach was quite large. Kingsley was having a riot with it, loudly boasting that even Garrick Pureblade (See, Kingsley Steele under Bio) himself couldn’t preach as well as this kid could. Gale went to her room and Zok retired to his usual, much cheeper, lodgings. Rat Fink went back to his ally for as much of it as he had left and Niemmer went to bed. Kal stayed up as late as people would listen to him, happily spreading his faith and quipping catch phrase after catch phrase until nearly the dawn.

That night Niemmer was visited in her dreams by a familiar sight. Standing in front of him telling him of his hesitation was Walker, from the Temple of Kord, who was now showing himself as Saint Cuthbert himself. He warned Niemmer that he was chosen to be the Saints swift hand of justice and to remember who he is and what he does. His true sin today was not breaking his word, though the God of Law did scold him on that front, but that he almost neglected his true calling. To send those that were sent to him to be punished. He than warned Niemmer that his new path would be harder than it has ever been before. That his presence is strong in this new land, but that does not make his mission any more vital. “Look for my hand, it will point you where you need to go”.

In the dawn the party would awake, some better off than others, and head to the Western Harbor to meet Qw’erenne and her hired crew. In the agreed location the group did indeed find a vessel, as well as a Auburn haired woman wearing a loose and worn white shirt, long brown pants and a wide mischievous smile on her face. “I hear you have some business aboard my vessel. Welcome then, to The Maidens Mischief


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