Four Nations

Easy Platinum, Post 1, Monday November 30th

"Have you ever heard of Kalleghan?"

We first glimpse our heroes in the midst of a battle with a Red Dragon. True, it was only a young one, but it put up a hell of a fight. After slaying the beast and recovering it’s stolen horde you triumphantly returned to Zheferhelm with riches beyond even what the town lost, even a few items that look magical in nature.
The crowds roared with your welcomes upon your return and you were led by way of Parade both to City Hall and to your favored Pub “The Dwarf and Steele”.

Inside you reveled until early into the Dawn. Gale drank and lept about the bar with Kingsly himself until she retired to the hills outside with Gruk in tow (like a Yaskween do).

Kal-Verr chased down the serving girls Mary and Roselyn until they had repeated “That’s nice Kal” more than their own names.

Niemmer and Zok encountered an irregular customer in the form of a pale elf named Qw’erren.

and Rat Fink played his strings and drank his poison until the spiders woke him up the next morning.

The next morning? Yes indeed, the morning hustle was interrupted by a pack of Driders and their pet, a massive Spider. The Driders went straight for the nearest elves, Ee’lien and Qw’erren while their spider jumped the groggy Rat Fink. But as the rest of the gang (minus Gale) made it down the stairs to help Rat Fink and Sam Farris deal with the Drider Pack. A few arrows and one or two Polymorphs later and the invaders were handily dealt with making the PC’s heroes twice in as many days.

Gale spent the morning napping until a comfortable 9:30 and was able to bathe in the nearby lake before being found by an excited Kal-Verr. He told her of the spider people and a squirrel and far off lands as he levitated next to her as she jogged back into town. Gale was skeptical, to say the least, but upon arriving to the Tavern and Inn to find it surrounded by the town guard she decided to ask him to start over and see if it made anymore sense.

We left off with Gale being caught up to the rest of the party, namely Zok, who after saving the foreign elf Qw’erren became privy to an offer. In exchange for a sizable wealth and their complete discretion, they were being invited to the most impenetrable questing grounds of them all. Kalleghan is in trouble.


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